Discover Fishing in New Brunswick

There is a saying that says, “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life!”  As a life-long outdoorsman, being put in the role of Minister of Natural Resources for the province of NB is a role that easily falls into the category of “dream come true” for me.

I am working very hard to change the mindset of my department from managing the natural resources of our beautiful province to one of promoting them.  As we move into a new way of thinking, I look forward to the increasing opportunities for our fishing industry here in New Brunswick.

Not long into taking on the role of Minister, I met Donald and Ben.  I will remember that day for a long time because their enthusiasm for fishing was nothing short of contagious.  Very quickly into our first meeting, I knew we were going to step into working together to put New Brunswick on the map.  Not just here at home, but far beyond the borders of our province.

Since then I have had the chance to collaborate with them on events, developing future opportunities, and I even had the chance to get out on the water with Donald and do a little smallie fishing!

I see great things in store for the fishing fanatics here in New Brunswick and I am proud to work with the FISH EAST team to make our waters a world-class fishery that people will regard as a place that they must experience.

Tight Lines and see you on the water! Fish on and Fish East!

Hon. Mike Holland
Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development
MLA for Albert