NB Largemouth Bass

FISH EAST contributor Jeff Rathburn puts on a pitching technique clinic for targeting largemouth bass. Although largemouth are not found throughout Atlantic Canada, there are a few pockets were they do reside such as some of the border waters between Maine and New Brunswick for example.

Jeff Rathburn

Written by Jeff Rathburn

Like most die hard anglers, Jeff started fishing as a young child. Chasing brook trout, chain pickerel, smallmouth bass and panfish around the family cottage was a typical summer. Eventually moving out west he also discovered walleye and northern pike and channel cats. Moving back to New Brunswick in 2002 he started fishing local bass tournaments, taking the NBPro Bass Tour 2013 Champions and Team of the Year titles. In the last couple years he has taken a step back from tournaments to concentrate on getting back to multi specie angling. If it has fins he now wants to catch it. Be it trout on a fly rod, shad on an ultra-light or flippin a jig for largies he'll be there.